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Effect of Nursing Management in General Wards of General Hospitals Under Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

Background: The Novel coronavirus pneumonia, referred to as neocoronavirus pneumonia, is characterised by interpersonal transmission and high infectivity atypical early symptoms that are difficult to identify, and general susceptibility of the population. In the face of the epidemic, the work of general wards in general hospitals still needs to be carried out and the flow of people is relatively dense, which may easily lead to the occurrence of nosocomial aggregation of infection if effective protective measures are not taken. Purpose: Healthcare workers in general wards are facing the double pressure of disease treatment and epidemic prevention and control, aiming at the early detection of suspected patients, isolation of potential sources of infection, and cutting off all possible transmission routes through hierarchical quality control management to reduce the incidence of nosocomial infections in patients and their families, and the risk of occupational exposure of healthcare workers, in order to protect the safety of patients and healthcare workers in general wards. Methods: It is proposed to implement a stratified, hierarchical and all-round management strategy for patients and healthcare personnel in general wards: including epidemic prevention and control training for healthcare personnel, nursing human resources deployment, and management of daily life and psychological care; patients are classified into newly-admitted patients, common patients, special patients and suspected patients, and different protective and isolation measures are taken for different categories of patients. Management was carried out in 6 aspects, including patients' ward environment disinfection, common instrument and equipment handling, specimen collection and transfer, medical waste disposal, daily life, and accompanying staff. Results: from December 2019 to April 2020, 128 patients with suspected neocoronavirus pneumonia were found in the general ward, 20 patients were diagnosed with neocoronavirus pneumonia among the suspected patients, and 2 health care workers were infected. Conclusion: The risk of infection of patients and medical staff in general ward can be greatly reduced by implementing hierarchical and comprehensive management strategy. In particular, it effectively blocked the transmission of the virus in the incubation period of such high-risk and easy to miss the diagnosis of cases.

Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, General Ward, General Hospital, Nursing Management

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Jiaqin, W., Shengmei, W., Chen, G., Xiaodan, W. (2023). Effect of Nursing Management in General Wards of General Hospitals Under Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic. American Journal of Management Science and Engineering, 8(6), 111-115.

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Jiaqin, W.; Shengmei, W.; Chen, G.; Xiaodan, W. Effect of Nursing Management in General Wards of General Hospitals Under Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic. Am. J. Manag. Sci. Eng. 2023, 8(6), 111-115. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmse.20230806.11

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Jiaqin W, Shengmei W, Chen G, Xiaodan W. Effect of Nursing Management in General Wards of General Hospitals Under Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic. Am J Manag Sci Eng. 2023;8(6):111-115. doi: 10.11648/j.ajmse.20230806.11

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